The Patch-Ed curriculum introduces middle school students to text-based programming by building skills in the creative coding platforms Scratch and Patch before transitioning students into Python.

Each lesson includes:

  • Editable lecture slides
  • Printable student worksheets
  • An instructor guide
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Core Modules

Build fundamental computational thinking skills in the world’s largest creative coding platform. 

Lesson 1 – Scratch Intro with the Pen Extension

Jump right into Scratch by drawing with the pen extension. Present six short slides to introduce events and loops, then allow students to explore a square-drawing Scratch program before they’re tasked to draw a flower in Scratch.

Lecture Slides:   Google Slides   PowerPoint   PDF
Student Worksheet:   Google Docs   Word   PDF
Instructor Guide:   Google Docs   Word   PDF


Further lessons coming soon.

Additional Resources

Unplugged Activities

Warm-up Activities

Historical Computer Scientist Spotlight